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September 26, 2021

What is Cannabudder, And How Can You Use It?

CAMMP's Cannabudder is the Bomb! Find out everything you need to know about this unique and potent product.


CAMMP is proud to offer a unique and effective alternative medicine: Cannabudder. We make our own "flavour" of this product, which we believe is the most effective option available for people looking for pain relief with minimal psychoactive effects. Our patients have been raving about the effectiveness of our beloved Cannabudder. In fact, many have been coming back for more!

This blog post will help you find out what makes our version of Cannabudder so special.

What is Cannabudder?

Cannabudder, or cannabutter, is a form of cannabis concentrate consumed orally, sublingually, or by mixing into food and drinks. It consists mainly of coconut oil infused with an extract made from the flowers and leaves of cannabis plants. This type of cannabis concentrate is usually created by soaking the flowers and leaves in fat (oil, butter, etc.) for an extended period.

Cannabudder can be taken to relieve chronic pain issues. It's great for people who need pain relief all day long. It also works well to reduce body stiffness, and it can help to stimulate appetite. It does not cause drowsiness and is effective even during the day.

How is CAMMP's Cannabudder Made?

Our Cannabudder is special. We use only the highest quality cannabis material. We have not added any foreign substances to our final product, so it is completely safe for consumption.

We start by grinding up the bud material of the very best weed available to us. When you order our cannabudder, choose from award-winning strains like Girl Scout Cookies, Charlotte's Web, Pink Kush, and Wedding Cake.

We only use unsalted butter when making our cannabudder. We soak the bud material in butter for 48 hours, giving it time to infuse with cannabinoids and terpenoids completely. The mixture is then strained and cooked slowly at a low temperature (below boiling point) for an extended period of time (over six hours).

The result: we end up with beautiful, golden-brown butter. Our cannabudder is as close as you can get to the original cannabis material, and it's delicious!

What is Full-Spectrum Cannabudder?

Please be aware that not all cannabudders are created equal, and there are certain varieties that do not contain THC or CBD in high enough concentrations to be effective. A few types of extractions have been popularized over the years, but most manufacturers only use one oil or solvent when extracting from their plants.

In many cases, these extracts contain either THC or CBD, without any other cannabinoids and terpenoids. 

People who need to use cannabis for medicinal purposes must receive the full benefits of the plant (not just THC or CBD). That's why our version of cannabutter is different. We extract using a "Full Spectrum" method, which means we retain all the flavonoids and terpenes. 

This gives us the freedom to create a mixture containing all beneficial cannabinoids and terpenoids, including THC, CBD, CBG, CBC, CBN, and more.

Even if you are not looking for medicinal benefits from your cannabudder, this is still what you want to be consuming. It's pure cannabis material, and it's the best way to get every last bit of goodness out of your bud.

How is CAMMP's Cannabudder Used?

Our cannabudder can be used in a variety of ways. It can be infused into any type of food, whether hot or cold.

Our customers report that it gives them a boost of energy and helps to relieve stress. If you are feeling extra creative, feel free to bake your own marijuana-infused goods. Cannabudder is fantastic in brownies, cookies, or cakes! Just be sure to keep track of how much cannabudder you are using when cooking.

Our recipe is much more potent than regular butter, so be careful!

Once you have infused your food, please store it in the refrigerator. The high-quality ingredients we use will last for up to six months if stored properly.


CAMMP's Cannabudder is a fantastic choice for anyone who needs pain relief, suffers from chronic stress or wants to use something new to help them with their medicinal regimen.

It contains all of the beneficial chemicals found in full-spectrum cannabis (THC, CBD and more). It is a tasty and effective way to get the most out of your cannabis when infused into food.

Our recipe is super-concentrated, so we recommend you take it easy when cooking with cannabudder for the first time.

We hope that this blog post has given you a better understanding of our product and how it can help you! If you want to know more, feel free to contact us!

Article written by Stoney the Ghost
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