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January 21, 2020

Welcome all to the new improved CAMMP! Yes, Canadian Affordable Medical Marijuana Products continues to be your best choice for Cannabis products of all types (diatribe, shill....). We have shopped them all and will beat our competitor's pricing every time - let us know if you see a lower price out there, we will meet or beat it.

It's not only low prices that make us great. Customer service - real personalized customer service - is our specialty and we are always here to serve you - call, text, live chat or email us anytime. Several lifetimes worth of Cannabis experience can answer any and all of your questions.

Returning customers will notice our NEW WEBSITE! Thank you to our local web developer for creating a fast, smooth, accurate platform for us to serve you with. Sooo much faster for both mobile & desktop, we hope you enjoy the speedier browsing, better organization, and searchability.

CAMMP POINTS are now awarded to each of your purchases, for 5% off your future cannabis needs! Log in to your account any time to check your balance. For every $1 Dollar you spend you'll earn 50 rewards points; every 1000 points you have will be worth $1. We hope this gives returning customers even more reasons to keep coming back!

BULK buyers will appreciate our new volume discounts. Whole pounds can be found here at fair prices for both the grower and the buyer. Please note only strains listed here are available by the pound, we do not have all strains on the site available in quantity. CAMMP supports local small batch growers! Some of this product is so exceptional, with levels of care and expertise you would never see in a commercial facility.

There are so many new strains and vape flavours to talk about. SOVRIN is our personal favourite for extracts - pure, so flavourful and superior. No, they don't pay us to say that. We are fully stocked on all SOVRIN shatter flavours; vape cartridges are now available in 50:50 THC:CBD or PURE CBD, and all other SOVRIN vape flavours are stocked. Such variety and quality, we are impressed - keep up the good work! These guys love what they do.

Future posts! Yes, we always embrace the future here at CAMMP. Looking forward to chatting again soon. Our plan is to create some actual usable material for you here, next blog topic, QUALITY.

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