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July 1, 2021

The Importance of Quality Control in the Marijuana Industry

Learn why quality control is increasingly important in today's thriving marijuana industry.

The Canadian Marijuana Industry is booming, with an estimated increase of 120% in sales from 2019 to 2020. With lockdown ending, and our thoughts going back to a more positive place, 2021 is on track to blow that increase out of the water.

With this exponential increase in demand, certain growers might be tempted to take a few shortcuts along the way to see a better profit margin.

Quality control in the marijuana industry is paramount to success. The quality of your product will determine whether you can compete with other growers and sellers on price, quality, and variety.

This article discusses how important it is for marijuana producers to have strict standards for their products if they want to grow into successful businesses that can provide jobs and opportunities for others in the community.

What is Quality Control in the Marijuana Industry?

Quality control is an umbrella term used to describe the laborious nature of testing, inspecting, and ensuring that your end product is up to par.

Quality control can be seen in many other industries as a whole. There's quality control on parts produced by each individual manufacturer in the manufacturing industry to ensure the part will fit into another assembly it was intended for.

For example: When Ford and Toyota manufacture the same part, they will both have standards for that part as far as how it is created, but a quality control team from each company will ensure that their part was produced to their specific standards.

Quality control in the marijuana industry goes beyond checking if your plant was grown in sterile conditions or making sure all of the correct nutrients and amounts of light are given to the plants.

Edibles and concentrates

Marijuana flower is, by nature, unpure. That's why edibles and concentrates were created: To provide a healthier alternative to smoking plant matter. It's very important for edibles and extracts to be pure, as all other chemicals could react and produce side effects for the consumer.

Quality control is crucial here, as this is where a lot of marijuana producers are tempted to cut corners.

Some growers might attempt to cheap flower to make their concentrates or cheaper solvents in their extractions, but these can produce side effects and just downright harm the consumer. Other producers might be tempted to use cheaper heat sources that don't burn as efficiently, which will allow for more impurities to stay in the product.

Testing and labeling

There have been many instances where a product was massively over-priced because of the label used on it. Most consumers are willing to pay a higher price for high-quality marijuana, but sometimes, producers lie about what's in the box.

Suppose a manufacturer wants to test his or her product for impurities and contaminants, or THC percentage. In that case, they need to test their product consistently throughout the entire production cycle and then label the product accordingly.

Because now there are instances where we are seeing products that were labeled as having a certain percentage of THC or CBD being sold at drastically lower prices, if not for a different type of cannabis altogether.

If you can get your hands on some legit testing technology, you can test the quality of your product every step of the way. By having these tests done at regular intervals and consistently testing each batch you produce, you will have higher-quality weed consistently. Your clients will always know what they get.

Why is quality control important for marijuana producers and sellers

Quality control is vital in today's climate because the legal marijuana market is rapidly growing, and consumers are beginning to understand that marijuana has its health benefits. Growers need to have strict quality control so they can produce a product that everyone can get behind.

Quality control will also help consumers identify the good from the bad in an industry where many companies are willing to cut corners and not test for contaminants or impurities.

If you are selling a product that is of lesser quality, your customers will know. They'll be able to tell the difference between an extract made with food-grade solvents and one that's not. They'll notice how their cheap weed isn't as strong as they were told it was.

Basically, we will mutually help ourselves keep shady growers and bad products off the market.

Article written by Stoney the Ghost
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