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April 4, 2021

The CBDay: How to include CBD in your daily routine.

Learn how to incorporate the absorption of CBD in your daily routine.

CBD is one of over 100 cannabinoids found in Cannabis Sativa. Though it has most likely existed within cannabis since the plant's appearance in the wild, CBD was only discovered and isolated in the 1940s. 

Due to government legislation and its very recent discovery, scientific analysis has been limited in terms of risk, benefits, and possible CBD usages. Personal reports, however, are plentiful. 

From chronic pain to anxiety and depression, CBD has been reported to heal without getting you high. It has even been legalized nation-wide in the U.S.A in December 2018! The Canadian government is slower to legalize, allowing each province to set their own rules.

If your provincial government does not offer quality CBD products, there's no need to suffer. Should you want to try CBD for one of the following reasons, come down to CAMMP, and we'll get you sorted out.

One of the significant benefits of incorporating CBD in your daily routine is the molecule's non-psychoactive nature. Unlike THC, CBD will not get you high in any way, so you can comfortably take it at any time of the day or night.

Since CBD has to be separated from the rest of the plant to reap its benefits, the method of consumption might be a little trickier than simply rolling a joint and smoking it. CAMMP sources top-quality extracts to make it as convenient as possible to medicate without interrupting your flow. 

Here are a few products we offer that can easily be included in your day-to-day schedule. 

Morning: CBD Breakfast

CBD isolate comes in the form of a crystalline powder that is easy to manipulate. Due to CBD's low solubility in water, you'll be better off dissolving the CBD isolate in a solvent high in fat like butter, yogurt or coconut oil. You can then add CBD-infused coconut oil to beverages like tea or butter to recipes like scrambled eggs.

CBD isolate can also be consumed directly on the tongue, sublingually, or vaped/dabbed. 

Lunch : CBD Vape Pen

Our CBD vape pens are the perfect tool to take your medication with you on the go. Whether you're at work or enjoying some time off, the simple puff-to-activate mechanism will make for a faster and stronger CBD absorption rate. 

Diamond Concentrate's vapes, for example, contain no PG, VG or other potentially harmful or allergenic solvents, making for a one-of-a-kind vaping experience. Choose between tantalizing flavours like Blueberry, Cherry and Charlotte's web.

Dinner time: Charlotte's Web

Speaking of little Charlotte, you deserve a little reward after a hard day's work. A joint, perhaps? If you want to continue your CBDiet, and smoke simultaneously, we recommend a high-CBD flower. 

Charlotte's Web flower

Named after the young girl whose constant seizures ceased after smoking the strain, Charlotte's web is rapidly growing in popularity and recognized as one of the most medically exciting strains. 

With THC levels at less than 1% and CBD levels surpassing 17%, this floral-tasting bud is genuinely unique. 

Snack time: CBD Gummies

The isolation of CBD had a similar effect on maneuverability than that of THC. We are now able to use CBD isolate to create a variety of ingestible products. CBD gummies are a crowd favourite due to their ease of dosage and finger-licking taste.

Bath Time: CBD bath bombs and salts

Another moment where you can include CBD in your routine is your last bath of the day. Experience the full extent of CBD's relaxing properties with our orange morning burst bath bombs, made with all-organic products and containing 100mg CBD each. 

Bedtime: CBD Tincture

Rest. Relax. Recharge. That's the motto when it comes to POWER UP's CBD and melatonin combination. Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone in your body that signals your brain when it's time to go to sleep. 

Mix that with the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD, and you've got yourself a winning recipe for recovery. 

CBD is easier than ever to incorporate into our daily lives and could be seen as a supplement like vitamins. As you will see, most dosages in our products are not off the charts, and that's because high doses of CBD(1000mg+) are usually reserved for severe cases of epilepsy or muscle pain. 

Whatever your ailment, we recommend playing around with different kinds of products and different dosages to find the solution right for you. 

Visit our CBD section here and equip yourself to fight the battle against your ageing body!

Article written by Stoney the Ghost
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