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March 28, 2021

The CAMMPFire Rock: Moonrock’s crazy little brother.

Meet the CAMMPFire Rock! Moonrock's little brother.

CAMMP has always been proud to be part of a movement bigger than ourselves: The Canna-culture. From the very start of our business, our goal has always been to provide Canadians with their marijuana. In addition, we like to do so with as much style as possible, making sure to always have innovative products on hand. 

Marijuana flower is fantastic, but there are so many different ways to get high; you owe it to yourself to try something different once in a while. That’s why we have all sorts of concentrates, edibles, vapes and Psilocybin mushrooms to help you get high in the coolest ways possible.

Amongst these innovative and fresh products, CAMMPFire Rocks are perhaps one of our customer favourites. They are our take on the illustrious Moonrocks, and we’ll be presenting them today. But first, what are moonrocks?

History of Moonrocks

Moonrocks are thought to have originated in sunny California. Rumour has it the Starbudz760 dispensary, backed by OG West Coast rapper Kurupt, were the first to actually give them a name and start marketing them. 

The recipe for this delicacy is quite simple. Take a nice round nug of your favourite marijuana strain(they initially used Girl Scout Cookies) and dip it into Hash Oil. Your weed bud should then be even stickier than before. That’s when you roll it around in straight Kief to cover your bud in those sweet THC crystals completely. 

The concoction quickly made its way across the border to British Columbia, spreading to the rest of Canada. Since then, many have replicated the Moonrocks, and many, like us, have put their own spin on it. 

Instead of Moonrocks, we give you: CAMMPFire Rocks. 

What are CAMMPFire Rocks?

CAMMPFire Rocks are our take on Moonrocks. Instead of GSC, we use our Comatose strain, a potent Indica, as you may have guessed from the name. Instead of Hash oil, we cover the buds in rosin! And then pepper them with Kief. A slightly different recipe, but an amazing taste nonetheless.

Considering the strong flower and two powerful concentrates composing the CAMMPFire Rocks, it’s no surprise that the THC levels on this bad boy surpass 50%! 

Please consume responsibly!

How to Consume CAMMPFire Rocks

The jury’s still out on the best way to smoke CAMMPFire Rocks. Many old-school cats will tell you to cut it up and mix it in a joint or blunt, while the new generation prefers glass or vapes. 

One thing is for sure and will be the first piece of advice given by any party: DO NOT GRIND MOONROCKS OR ANY VARIATION OF THEM IN YOUR GRINDER! Not only will the pure stickiness of it mess up your grinder, but you will also lose a whole bunch of Kief, making your rocks less potent. 

The ideal way to manipulate CAMMPFire Rocks is with latex gloves (to prevent your sweaty finger from removing Kief) and a pair of sharp scissors to break them up into small pieces. 

These little pieces will be of uneven size and very humid due to the extract covering them. This could make for a problematic roll in a joint, but experienced rollers know to get around that by adding a filler like tobacco or shake.

The taste of Moonrocks or CAMMPFire rocks is something out of this world. The sheer amount of terpenes available in the three forms of marijuana(flower, rosin and Kief) makes for a unique and indescribable smell and taste. 

That’s why smoking from a glass pipe or bong may be easier and less wasteful, but be careful not to burn off those terpenes by placing your flame too close or using an overly-powerful torch. Also, if your pipe or bong isn’t made for concentrates, you may be left with a hefty cleaning job after your session. 

Are CAMMPFire Rocks worth it?

All things considered, every marijuana-enthusiast should try Moonrocks, CAMMPFire Rocks, SunRocks or any variant at least once in their cannabis journey. Stoners will undoubtedly appreciate the taste and high of these specialties. At 50% THC, you’re sure to be flying high for hours after smoking these. 

We believe that they are a novelty item—something to smoke on special occasions rather than every day, simply because of practicality. 

That’s why we have kept the price super low to make sure we continue on our mission to help Canadians all over find innovative and exciting ways of getting high. Adding a gram of CAMMPFire rocks to your order will only set you back 25$, unlike Moonrocks on other sites that go for 50$. 

Get yours today here!

Article written by Stoney the Ghost
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