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Bubble Hash 2.0 - SIX STRAINS

$20.00$150.00  /  0.00054 Ƀ

More strains coming soon...
CAMMP Bubble Hash is now completely dehydrated and hand-formed by our master hashmaker.
Same high quality maximum potency extraction process!
Six strains to choose from!

Earn up to 7,500 Points.

Additional Info
(1 customer review)
The process involves only fresh, clean, BC mountain ice cold water used to extract THC, CBD and other cannabinoids.
Plant matter and toxins are literally rinsed away, unlike other extracts like "shatter" which usually involve using butane or isopropyl alcohol. These toxins are impossible to entirely get rid of --- so you end up ingesting them.
Bubble hash totally eliminates these toxins and is the CLEANEST way to smoke or ingest your cannabis.
Please note: Our Bubble Hash is 100% natural water based super potent and flavourful.  If you have not tried Bubble Hash before, you may find it harsh.
That is the nature of the product.  This is an extremely high effort product to produce, it is made with love!
There are NO added oils or terpenes in this BUBBLE HASH 2.0 (don't trust Reddit).

Additional information


Gram, Quarter Ounce, Half Ounce, Ounce, Eighth


Critical 2.0, CAMMP Blend, Strawberry Shortcake, Pink Kush, Master Kush, Death Bubba, Wedding Cake, Bubba Kush, Comatose OG, Zkittles, Marshmellon

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