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The Cloud Hookah by Efendi - 25"

$179.99  /  0.00688 Ƀ

  • Machine engineered with proprietary stem-to-base locking mechanism
  • Airtight seals on both base and hose for maximum airflow and cloud smoke
  • Premium aluminum stem and durable glass vase with hand-painted 3D design
  • Pre-assembled washable parts, black silicone head, and a matte white silicone hose
  • Designed in Canada
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If you're looking for a luxury hookah at unbeatable price, look no further than the Cloud Hookah by Efendi. Standing 25" tall, with precision engineered parts that are easy to assemble and wash, the Cloud Hookah delivers a powerful punch with a crisp and wholesome smoking experience. All hookahs come in secure styrofoam packaging, separated into individual compartments for each piece. The matte silicone hose is washable, and fits perfectly into the Shisha without any need for grommets. Enjoy an unmatched, authentic Middle Eastern Shisha experience with the Cloud Hookah by Efendi. For a detailed video on how to set up your Cloud Hookah.

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