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Hookah to go by BORO MIAMI - Premium Portable Hookah for Car Cupholder, Festivals or for The Beach, Hookah Set Including Hookah with Windbreak, Hose and Hookah Pliers

$83.94  /  0.00227 Ƀ

  • FLEXIBLE: Made with heat-resistant plastic. Hookah is ideal for to go use.
  • COMPLETE SET: This set consists of the hookah container, a tube including mouthpiece, and a small plier to position the tobacco or the coal piece.
  • PATENTED ARTIFICIAL - HEAT-RESISTANT UP TO 280 ° C: Made of aluminum and up to 280 ° C heat-resistant plastic, this hookah can be safely transported in the backpack without worrying that the glass could break. Since at many festivals and beaches, glass is not allowed, you will have no problem using the Boro Miami portable hookah.
  • QUICKSTART CLARIFY: All you need is a little water and your favorite tobacco to get the shisha ready. The tobacco head holds about 5 - 7 grams. We recommend the use of natural carbon. The smoking time is 30 - 45 minutes.
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Product description

The perfect hookah to go for car, festivals, events or for beach - complete hookah set

various fields of application:
Because of the size of 6,5 cm the hookah fits in all car cupholders,the hookah is stuck and there is no danger that the coal could fall out or fall down as it is inside the shish.
Since no glass is used, the hookah can be easily transported in backpacks without the risk of breaking.
There is also a ban on glass at various festivals, events and beaches - this shisha is easy to use.

A real smoking experience:
All you need is some water and your favorite tobacco. The hookah is ready to go in a few minutes and offers you a unique smoking experience with intense taste and good smoke development.
A head gives you a smoke duration of up to 45 minutes.

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Height: 23 cm
Width: 6.5 cm
Material: aluminum / heat-resistant plastic
smoking time: 30 - 45 minutes

Unpacking and Demonstration Video is now online on :

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