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Kitosun Hookah Bowl Set Ceramic Hookah Bowl with 5Holes + Larger Charcoal Holder with Screen Shisha Heat Management Bundle

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  • PERFECT HOOKAH BOWL SET WITH ORIGINAL TASRE: Compared to traditional silicone bowls, It is more likely to maintain the original flavor of the tobacco without the appearance of gummy and burnt flavors.
  • INNOVATIVE MATERIALS: Made from high-quality, heat-resistant and taste-neutral clay. It is durable and heat management strong enough to withstand any fall. Best Hookah Shisha Smoking Experience.
  • EASY HEATING CONTROL: Air vents can be opened when it starts to get harsh, and closed again for more heat to your hookah shisha.
  • TOBACCO BOWL -There is a handle on the hot pan for easy installation and removal. Avoid scalding your hands when using.
  • PERFECT SMOKING EXPERIENSE: The ideal and even tobacco distribution in the head in combination with the enormous draft guarantees you a dense and pleasant smoke.

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Product description

Size :Ceramic Bowl Set A

For hundreds of years, clay heads have been used for shisha smoking - and not without reason. The special texture of the clay provides an intense taste experience.

Due to the large tobacco depot of the Hookah Bowl head, a long smoking time is possible. Furthermore, the heat is distributed through the clay and the Charcoal Holder evenly in the head and ensures a balanced heat distribution.

The Kitosun Hookah Bowl Set fits perfectly together! The Charcoal Holder has been specially optimized for the dimensions of the Hookah Bowl head, so you can be sure that everything is right.

Why you should choose the Kitosun Hookah Bowl Set:

- high-quality clay and premium processing creat great taste.
- Metal Charcoal Holder including sieve with rubber handle
- terrific passage through five holes
- comfortable head construction - simply distribute the tobacco loosely and off you go


Hookah Bowl Height: about 80MM
Hookah Bowl Diameter: about 63MM
Opening bottom: about 25MM
sieve Diameter : about 92MM
Brand: Kitosun
Model: Hot Screen 7cm
Color: Nature

Package Included:

1 Kitosun Clay Hookah Bowl
1 Kitosun Charcaol Holder
1 Kitosun sieve with rubber grip

Colour Natural
Item dimensions L x W x H 9 x 7 x 7 centimeters
Capacity 20 Grams
Is dishwasher safe No
Is microwaveable No

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