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Bonjour Heavy Duty Professional Kitchen Torch

$55.82  /  0.00145 Ƀ

  • Large heavy metal body culinary torch
  • Caramelizes sugars, browns meringues, crisps meats, skins tomatoes and melts cheese on gratins
  • Butane gas powered; Features a fuel level indicator window, an extra-long n-Ounces with anti-flare flame, adjustable temperature control, safety lock
  • Butane fuel not included; removable stand
  • Features a full color culinary recipe pamphlet featuring recipes courtesy of Kitchen on Fire
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Product description

This kitchen torch is the perfect tool for adding that quick finishing sear before plating your sous vide meal. This versatile cooking tool can also be used for Creme Brulee, and many other uses. Stainless steel, professional series.

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