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Handmade Glass Dip Pen Holder Crystal Drip Fountain Pen Feather Pen Color Ink Washing Pen Office Student Gift (Calligraphy Pen Set)

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  • GLASS PEN HOLDER: Inkwell size 1.99 inches (W) and a height of 5.5 inches. hand-blown process, the curve can be so beautiful beauty. Pen hole edges are smooth and rounded. The coloured ink is diluted with water like a blooming flower. The design of the cork allows the carriage to be used as an art ornament.
  • DIP SIGN PEN: Blue pen approximately 7 inches long holds ink well and it writes very smoothly, amazing feels in your hands and on the paper. Write multiple sentences before needing to be re-dipped to save ink.
  • VINTAGE GALSS DIP PEN: Made of High Borosilicate Glass, Never to worry that it will be scratched or broken. Perfect for tersting various ink colors or writing short essays, or signature on your office desk, or calligraphy, or practising hand writing.Gorgeous and cute decoration on your desk as well. Suitable for all sorts of ink color.
  • EASY AND SMOOTH IN WRITING: Easily rinse clean with water, so you can quickly switch between different inks colors without having to refill a fountain pen. Just 10 seconds cleaning before switching colors, then dry with paper towel.
  • PEN GIFT SET: Exquisite design, a popular luxury gift for your families and friends in Christmas, Thanksgivng Day, birthday and so on, perfect sign pen in wedding, events or parties.
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Gently put it into a plain envelope,This must be the most warm thing ever. Every word you write down with it appears an air of elegance. How delightful it will be!
# Elegant in appearance and appearing demeanor upon writing.
# Multifucntion. Can be used to study and practice, to sign the document, to sign the agreement.
# Exquisite twisting pattern pulses with the spiraling nib.
# Promotes your taste and status.
# Makes an excellent addition to any office and is bound to be deeply appreciated.
# Ink Changeable. No need to worry that the color would be mixed.
# Wonderful gift for writers of all ages.
# Can be used in write short essays, signature, practising hand writing, calligraphy.

Using Steps to help enjoy the glass dip pen:
1. Dip the pen slightly in an ink bottle. (Note: Tip should be only partially submerged to avoid ink blots.)
2. Glide tip against the ink bottle opening to drain excess ink. When ink no longer drips down from the nib it is ready to write with.
3. Use your glass pen to write notes, letters, wedding invitations, etc. (you may want to practice a bit first to get a feel for your pen). Re-dip in ink if necessary.

Please allow a little difference in the father pen you received compared to the picture for the natural character.

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