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ULTIMATE Microdosing Psilocybin Capsules

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Looking to actualize the latest scientific developments in your own life?  SHROGO is proud to present the ULTIMATE MICRODOSE TABS blending 200mg Psilocybin and 200mg NAD+ ISOLATE.  Intense recent research into NAD+ shows it is a “fountain of youth” enhancing energy and slowing aging in mammals – up to DOUBLING MAMMAL LIFESPANS in laboratory experiments.  Yes, control-group peer-reviewed scientific evidence shows this to be true. Each bottle contains 30 capsules - NAD+ 200mg ISOLATE + MICRODOSE AMAZONIAN PSILOCYBIN 200mg CAPSULES Recommend Dosage: Take one capsule every day upon waking up.
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ULTIMATE MICRODOSE by SHROGO - Available only in the last year, NAD+ ISOLATE combined with PSILOCYBIN absorbs directly into your bloodstream for immediate effect. No product is wasted in the digestive tract for maximum absorption. Placed under your tongue, it will dissolve within minutes - feeling the enhanced energy and cognition effects immediately. We guarantee it. This is not a joke. NAD+ enhanced metabolism means increased strength and endurance beyond psilocybin alone, directly into your cells metabolic pathways.  For peak absorption, ULTIMATE MICRODOSE capsules can be taken sublingual (absorbed under the tongue); or swallowed for zero taste.

Warning: NAD+ cannot be used by cancer patients or persons with metabolism disorders.


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