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TUMMYLOVE Microdosing Psilocybin Capsules

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SHROGO TUMMYLOVEMicrodose capsules combine Amazonian Psilocybin with Organic Pure Chaga Sclerotium Mushroom extract.  Chaga is well known to enhance digestion, reduce bloating, and balance enzymes in your stomach.  Together with the active stimulant effects of Psilocybin, TUMMY microdose will sooth your stomach and digestive tract while improving your cognition and state of mind. 200mg w/Organic PURE CHAGA SCLEROTIUM EXTRACT Each bottle contains 30 capsules. Each capsule is 200mg Psilocybin plus 200mg Microdose Blend. Recommend Dosage: Take one capsule every second day upon waking up
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CHAGA has been researched extensively in modern times and is one of the best known homeopathic mushrooms therapies going back millenia into Siberian and Chinese folk medicines.  Promoting the release of digestive enzymes and peristalsis, at the same time as upping your mental game – SHROGO TUMMYLOVE microdose capsules will make your gut love you!

If you frequently suffer from stomach upsets or bloating, your digestive enzymes could be to blame. If your body isn’t able to produce sufficient amounts of digestive enzymes, then you end up suffering from poor digestion. Chaga mushrooms encourage the secretion of digestive enzymes and ensure proper digestion. Anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties of mushrooms can also protect your digestive tract and facilitate the entire process of digestion.

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