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(5 customer reviews)

Strawberry Shortcake AAA+

Sativa Dominant Hybrid 75% Sativa / 25% Indica

THC: 18% - 23%


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(5 customer reviews)


THE CAMMP DIFFERENCE:  CAMMP Cannabis is unique from almost all producers out there.  Our Cannabis is Master-Grower produced with over a century of combined experience.  Unlike most growers who utilize quick-producing strains in sea-of-green type grows, CAMMP grows only fully mature 4-to-6 month old plants with full vigor before budding.  Then each strain is grown to it's FULL bud time, 10 to 12 weeks, with extensive and complete rinsing.  No synthetic rinse agents are added to shorten rinse time.  No artificial sprays or flavour enhancers.  We are NOT in a rush to grow only the BEST cannabis for you.  Only a fully mature plant with maximum vigor can produce the best flavour and terpenes.  True connoisseurs will appreciate the CAMMP difference!

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5 reviews for Strawberry Shortcake AAA+

  1. jasonmyke (verified owner)

    Just tried this in my first order. Really nice bud. Sticky with a skunky smell. Has a nice taste and smokes smooth. Will be grabbing more of this.

  2. JD17 (verified owner)

    With a nice tight structure, the deep green of this bud mixed with a blend of lighter greens to make a beautiful blend, the trim job was near perfect with only some darker leaves being left. The crystal coverage was even all throughout, with a much more resinous stick than any of the others.

    The flavor was only a blend of sweet berry, earth and a slight "cake" smell reminiscent of Cookie genetics. It was incredibly smooth and definitely a creeper. I did not feel anything after the initial smoke until upwards of five minutes, and then BAM! A straight sativa high, my mind was on a spaceship to the moon. Chores were accomplished like it was nothing at all. It did have a slight burn out which may be due to the strength or the straight sativa high, but the more times I smoked it the less of a burn out was experienced.

  3. stevenmyles2017 (verified owner)

    Was looking for something to keep me upbeat. I was recommended to try this strain. What a great choice, nice smooth, easy to smoke. Great flavour as well! Thanks Pally!!

  4. Stacey Shaw

    Super tight buds, covered in trichomes. The taste is phenominal, and the high starts off upbeat than leads into a gradual relaxation.
    Nice stuff

  5. tzwaneveld99 (verified owner)

    Tastes and smells great

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