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Premium Packaging W/BOVEDA

$30.00  /  0.00079 Ƀ

Premium Glass Jar Packaging
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Premium Mason Jar packaging, per ounce. Hermetically sealed glass mason jar, appropriately sized, vacuum sealed on the outside so absolutely no plastic touches your buds. Bubble wrapped and sent boxed instead of envelope.  NOTE this shipping method will not fit in apartment sized mailboxes; THIS IS A SHIPPING OPTION ONLY AND DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY CANNABIS.  This price will work for 2 or 3 ounces OF THE SAME STRAIN.  If you purchase more than one strain (and please do!) purchase one jar per strain.  PLEASE NOTE - PREMIUM PACKAGING WILL ADD AT LEAST ONE DAY TO YOUR SHIPPING TIME, SOMETIMES TWO.  WE WILL LOVINGLY PACKAGE YOUR BUDS WITH BOVEDA 60% MOISTURE CONTROL.

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