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(7 customer reviews)


$24.95  /  0.00114 Ƀ

BC KUSH ORDERS will ship via EXPEDITED CANADA POST (NOT expresspost). Still the cheapest weed in Canada.

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(7 customer reviews)


BC KUSH the classic outdoor, actual pictures, good for daytime smoke, extracts, mixing, blending, edibles & more.

NOTE this is low-grade outdoor product and may have some defects (AS WITH ALL OUTDOOR AND/OR GREENHOUSE).

BC KUSH ORDERS will ship via EXPEDITED CANADA POST (NOT expresspost).

For the price it's a sweet deal.  Buy lots!

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7 reviews for BC KUSH OUTDOOR $24.95

  1. alexhamel97 (verified owner)

    Not bad. Recommend mixing with another stronger strain but can’t go wrong for its price.

  2. buckthyshape (verified owner)

    good indica high, very smooth earthy taste.

  3. Precious (verified owner)

    good high for a good price highly recommend this

  4. Christina Fraser (verified owner)

    That price!!! Smokes better than average outdoor grown, needs a little cleaning but that goes into my edibles. It also is a fantastic price to make better quality edibles. We prefer to smoke it mixed with something a little stronger, and it makes for a beautiful mix. Thank you CAMMP, you're the best!!

  5. leger.brandon (verified owner)

    Ordered over a pound of this BC Kush, Always a cheap good high strongly recommended

  6. tzwaneveld99 (verified owner)

    So nice for de-stressing...just right, especially with a little Bubble hash scrapings!

  7. KIRIKOU (verified owner)

    It's way better than what I expected it to be for that price. If you are looking for a good affordable indica strain on this site, this one is for you!

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