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Royalty Rosin CBD, THC or 1:1 Gummies 300mg

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300mg CBD, THC, or 1:1 Total 15 Pieces x 20mg CBD, THC, or 1:1 Each

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300mg THC, CBD or 1:1  Total

15 Pieces x 20mg THC, CBD or 1:1 Each

Made with the same high quality rosin you will find in all of our products, our multi flavored Rosin Gummies are anything but your average edible. We dont spray or coat our gummies to hide imperfections, and our unique 28 step recipe was developed with only one thing in mind – creating the tastiest, freshest, and most effective full spectrum solvent free gummies on the market. Your favorite fruit flavors mingle perfectly with our carefully water rinsed rosin, providing just enough canna flavor to remind you that this isn’t just another distillate candy lacking in the full entourage effect of our favorite plant.

Additional information

THC CBD or 1:1

CBD, THC, 1:1


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