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Rustic Raisin - Cannabudder 250mg+ Cookies

$8.95  /  0.00041 Ƀ

All-Natural No Artificial Colours, Sweeteners or Flavours Sugar-Free Whole-Plant Extract (as opposed to cheap distillate) Non-GMO (unlike most grain products) "The Healthiest Edible Money Can Buy"

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PREMIUM ANCIENT GRAIN WHOLE PLANT EXTRACT RUSTIC RAISIN CANNABUDDER COOKIES!  These are truly an exceptional product that we are proud to make ourselves and offer to you.  Homemade slow cooked whole plant cannabudder is infused into GRAINSTORM premium ancient grain oatmeal cookie mix.  The result:  An incredible edible!!  NO ARTIFICIAL FLAOURS — NO ARTIFICIAL COLOURS  —  NON-GMO —  LOW SUGAR  —  CANADIAN GROWN FAIR TRADE WHEAT.  Each cookie is at least 250MG+++ full-spectrum extract, or more!

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Holy Grail, Duke Nukem, Serious Happiness, LA Confidential x Strawberry Banana Kush, High Buddy, Death Bubba, Christmas!, Critical 2.0, Green Crack, GSC Girl Scout Cookies, Strawberry Shortcake, Gorilla Glue #4, Pink Kush, Comatose


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