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Jolly Rancher Medicated 600mg 6 Flavours

$19.95  /  0.00052 Ƀ

  • 6 Flavours
  • Misfits Mer-Bears
  • Sour Gummies
  • Misfits Tropical Uni-Sharks
  • Misfits Original
  • Smacker Sours
  • Misfit Sours

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Additional Info

An Old-fashioned candy infused with 600mg of THC that dates as far back as 1949. Enjoy getting medicated with a tasty bag of edible Sour Jolly Rancher THC Gummies. One of the most flavourful candies of all time!

Additional information


Misfits Mer-Bears, Sour Gummies, Misfits Tropical Uni-Sharks, Misfits Original, Smacker Sours, Misfits Sours

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