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Rolling Ace Single Wide Classic - 18 Items Rolling Papers Bundle. Raw Rolling Tray, Joint Roller, Raw Single Wide Rolling Papers, Raw Tips, Smelly Proof Bags, Rolling Ace Scoop Card, Raw Hydrostone

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  • Included in this bundle: Raw Rolling Tray (11" x 7" Metal) + Raw Rolling Machine (70mm), compatible with Single Wide Rolling Papers+ 6 Packs of Raw Single Wide Classic Rolling Papers (300 papers)+ 6 Packs of Raw Rolling Tips (300 Tips) + Rolling Ace Premium PVC Scoop Card + 2 Smelly Proof Storage Bags + Raw Hydro Stone
  • Perfect Size Raw Metal Rolling Tray to keep it all together
  • Discreet and Protective Packaging, to ensure it arrives in perfect shape
  • Carefully crafted bundle that's based on products frequently purchased together by customers
  • Great savings as compared to purchasing these products individually

Earn up to 2,399 Points.

Additional Info

Looking to take your smoking session to a whole new level while keeping things classic? With our Single Wide Classic Bundle, you can do just that. All our bundles are based on our customers most frequently purchased items, and with that information we've selected the most popular products and hottest purchases to create the ultimate classic bundle for you! Featuring the one and only RAW Single Wide Classic Rolling Papers, it’s very own RAW Rolling Machine, RAW Regular Rolling Tips, and more, we’re sure you’ll enjoy rolling.

Roll with the big guys with our Single Wide Classic Bundle. We’ve put together some of RAW’s most popular products with you in mind! Enjoy the best of RAW’s Single Wide Classic Rolling Papers, RAW’s must have regular rolling tips, the popular Hydrostone to keep your herbs moist and smokeable, RAW Rolling Tray to help keep things nice and tidy and in one place, Smelly Proof bags to keep your joints safe and odor proof, and Rolling Ace’s scoop card to make rolling that much easier.

Our Single Wide Classic Bundle is perfect for those looking for the ultimate classic smoke-out. Featuring all the goodies you’ll need to enjoy an easy rolling session, to helping keeping your goods neat, clean, and smelly proof safe! RAW’s Single Wide Classic Rolling Papers, RAW Regular Rolling Tips, RAW Rolling Machine, Smelly Proof’s Odor Proof Bags, RAW Hydrostone, Raw Rolling Tray and Rolling Ace’s scoop card are patiently waiting for you in this awesome bundle.

RAW Rolling Tray

RAW Classic Rolling Tray

The RAW Rolling Tray is the ideal way to keep things neat and clean. If you’re looking for something that will not only help you keep your favorite RAW products in one place, then the RAW Rolling Tray is for you! The RAW Rolling Tray is made of premium high-grade metal, is 100% non-flexible with round corners, and is finished off with a vinyl non-scratch material designed to be perfectly smooth to the touch. Perfect for doing a quick roll or for using while you travel. Fairly compact, It measures 11” x 7”, but the RAW Rolling Tray serves its purpose perfectly.

Raw Rolling Machine Joint Roller

70mm RAW Rolling Machine

Roll your single wide papers with the RAW 70mm Hemp Plastic Roller! RAW’s 70mm Hemp Plastic Rolling Machine is made from a blend of natural hemp composite and recycled plastics. Each durable RAW rolling machine comes with a spare double-thick vinyl rolling apron, making sure you’ll always be prepared for a RAW rolling session. An impressive rolling machine that allows you to produce a perfectly rolled cigarette every time, RAW’s 70mm Hemp Plastic Roller will surely help impress your friends with your neat and clean rolling skills. Great for Beginners & Veterans, RAW’s 70mm Rolling Machines are not just made to last, but are made to function better than any other similar roller.

Raw Classic Single Wide Rolling Papers

Raw Single Wide Rolling Papers

Take things back to the good old days with RAW Classic Single Wide Single Window Unrefined Rolling Papers. These less processed rolling papers, that were made in Alcoa, Spain, are 100% chlorine-free with no additives and are a blend of naturally unbleached and non-chemically whitened fibers. RAW Classic Single Wide Single Window Unrefined Rolling Papers are a natural light brown color and translucent. Being ultra-thin, you can see through it. Each paper has a patented criss-cross watermark that helps prevent runs and maintains the smooth slow even-burning characteristics that Raw Papers are known for.

6 Packs (50 leaves each) included in this bundle

Raw Rolling Tips and must have accessories

Raw Rolling Tips Roach Filters

Smelly Proof Odor Bags Storage

Rehydrating Herbs Dehumidifying Brown Sugar Raw Hydro Stone Terracotta Clay

Raw Rolling Tips

RAW Regular Rolling Tips are made especially in Northern China, the only place where an antique Fourdrinier paper machine can now be found. The old paper mill found in the Asian country is still using an original Fourdrinier till this day, an important part of making the superb quality tips everyone loves.

6 Packs (50 tips each) included in this bundle

Smelly Proof Bags

Black Smelly Proof Bags are made in the USA, and have been created using super-strength puncture and tear-resistant plastic, constructed of reinforced FDA approved poly material. The double-locking seal mechanism is extremely reliable and the Smelly proof bags provide 100% high-quality odor free storage that can block vapors, moisture, and oxygen from entering or exiting. This allows you to relax and bring online your RAW things with confidence. The Smelly Proof logo is on a black background, keeping the contents hidden from prying eyes.These bags have an approximate inside dimensions of 4” x 3”.

2 Bags are included in this bundle

Raw Hydrostone

The RAW Hydrostone is a reusable small stone made out of baked terracotta clay. It works both ways - you can rehydrate your dry herbs as well as dehumidify brown sugar.

To rehydrate dry herbs, soak your stone in water for a few minutes and then put it in a jar with your herbs. Usually a few hours is all you need to bring dry herbs back to life. Remove the stone from the jar when you’ve reached the desired humidity level.

For brown sugar, wash the stone, tap with a towel and put in a jar with brown sugar. Depending on the amount of brown sugar you are trying to bring back to life, you may need more than one RAW hydrostone.


Single Wide Classic Bundle Single Wide Black Bundle 1 1/4 Taster Bundle King Size Taster Bundle King Size Connoisseur Bundle Automatic Roller Bundle
Paper Size Single Wide (70mm) Single Wide (70mm) 1 1/4 (79mm) King Size (110mm) King Size (110mm) 1 1/4 (79mm)
Classic Papers (Pack/Total) 50 / 300 100 / 300 50 / 100 32 / 64 32 / 96 50 / 100
Organic Papers (Pack/Total) 50 / 100 32 / 64 Organic Papers (Pack/Total)
Black Papers (Pack/Total) 50 / 100 32 / 64 Black Papers (Pack/Total)
Filters / Tips 300 Raw Rolling Tips 300 Raw Rolling Tips 300 Raw Rolling Tips 200 Raw Rolling Tips 96 Raw Rolling Tips 100 Raw Rolling Tips
Rolling Machine Raw 70mm Joint Roller Raw 70mm Joint Roller Raw 79mm Joint Roller Raw 110mm Joint Roller Raw 110mm Joint Roller Raw Automatic 79mm Joint Roller
Packaging Discreet Amazon Package Discreet Amazon Package Discreet Amazon Package Discreet Amazon Package Discreet Amazon Package Discreet Amazon Package

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1 1/4 Black, 1 1/4 Classic, 1 1/4 Organic, 1 1/4 Taster, King Size Black, King Size Classic, King Size Organic, King Size Taster, Single Wide Black, Single Wide Classic


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