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Juicy Jays Rolling Papers Bundle - Super Fine Rolling Papers. Raw Rolling Machine, 7 Packs of 1 1/4 Juicy Jays Super Fine Flavoured Rolling Papers, Raw Slim Filters, Premium Rolling Ace Scoop Card Brand: ROLLING ACE

$38.34  /  0.00099 Ƀ

  • Super Fine - Juicy Jays Rolling Papers 1 1/4 Flavoured Rolling Papers Bundle
  • 1 x Raw Rolling Machine (79mm), compatible with 1 1/4 Rolling Papers
  • 7 x Juicy Jays Rolling Papers 1 1/4 Super Fine Flavoured (Berrylicious, Blueberry Hill, Greenleaf, Sticky Candy, Vanilla Ice, Wham Bam Watermelon, White Grape) - 32 Leaves per pack
  • 1 x Bag of Raw Slim Cellulose Filters (200 pcs)
  • 1 x Rolling Ace Premium PVC Scoop Card
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Looking for the perfect bundle? Rolling Ace bundles have been carefully put together with you in mind! All our bundles are based on our customers most frequently purchased together items, and with that information we've selected the most popular products and hottest purchases to create the ultimate bundle for you! Discover the best of the best with Superfine Juicy Jay's Rolling Papers, Raw Cellulose Filters, Raw Joint Roller and Premium PVC Rolling Ace Scoop Card; items you won't want to miss.

Did you know that the average human has about 10,000 taste buds? Some are under the tongue, some are on the inside of the cheeks, some are on the roof of the mouth and some can even be found on the lips? That’s why Juicy Papers and Wraps taste so amazingly good. Using a special triple dip process to produce the finest of flavors, each Juicy Jay's Rolling Paper is one you won't forget!

Our Super Fine Bundle is a popular one among Juicy Jay's Rolling Papers lovers. With a selection of yummy flavors to explore, this bundle will make any smoking session extra special. Superfine, super delicious, and printed with soy ink - prepare to explore a different flavor each day with the help of this bundle buddy's, Raw Filters and the Raw Rolling Machine , the only way you should be rolling.

Juicy Jay's Super Fine Rolling Papers

  • Triple-dip flavour system. Watermark that prevents runs.
  • Green Leaf - Menthol Flavoured
  • Blueberry Hill - Blueberry Flavoured
  • Sticky Candy - Cotton Candy Flavoured

Juicy Jay's Super Fine Rolling Papers

  • Triple-dip flavour system. Watermark that prevents runs.
  • Wham Bam Watermelon -
  • Black Berrilicious - Blackberry Flavoured
  • White Grape - Grape Flavoured
  • Vanilla Ice - Vanilla Flavoured

Raw Slim Cellulose Filters

The RAW Slim Unrefined Cellulose Filters are made of pure natural Cellulose Fibers! Each bag contains approximately 200 Filters. These filters are perfect for using with your rolling papers, giving you a completely additive free smoking experience.

Rolling Machine and Scoop Card

  • Raw 79mm Rolling Machine, specifically made for 1 1/4 Rolling Papers
  • Rolling Ace Premium PVC Scoop Card

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