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Rolling Ace Pre Rolled Cones Bundle - 60 Classic [Size 98] Cones. Raw Loader, Rolling Ace Scoop Card, Smelly Proof Bag

$41.79  /  0.00179 Ƀ

  • 【WHAT YOU GET】Raw PreRolled Cones Special Size 98, Raw Cone Loader, Scoop Card, Smelly Proof Bag
  • 【RAW PRE ROLLED CONES SPECIAL SIZE 98】These Raw Cones are 98mm long, between 1 1/4 and king size
  • 【RAW CONE LOADER】The RAW Loader is the Fastest, Easiest Way to Fill Size 98 or King Size cones
  • 【CUSTOMERS CHOICE】RollingAce Bundles are Crafted Based on Products Frequently Purchased Together
  • 【SAVINGS】Competitive Pricing. Great Savings Compared to Purchasing These Products Individually
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Rolling Ace Special Size 98 Pre Rolled Cones Bundle

  • 3 x Full Boxes of Raw Special Size 98 Cones - A Total of 60 Perfect Joints
  • 1 x Raw Cone Loader compatible with Raw Special Size 98 and King Size Prerolled Cones
  • 1 x Smelly Proof Bag. The only bag that will keep all the odors in
  • 1 x Rolling Ace Premium PVC Scoop Card

The RAW Classic 98 Special Cones are kinda in between a 1 ¼ and King Size cone. It is 98mm long so it’s longer than a 1 ¼ cone yet shorter than a Kingsize, but about as fat as a Lean Cone (which is skinnier than 1 ¼ and KS.) It’s a favorite for many bulk producers and for many smokers too!

The RAW Loader is the fastest, easiest way to fill a cone. This is the badass device takes only 7.2 seconds to fill a pre rolled cone!!!! It’s made from ECM earth plastic (which degrades in a landfill much much much faster than regular plastic). The best part is that it's so easy to use that we know you will be very happy with your loader. This loader fits King Size and Special Size 98 cones.
RAW Loader includes: 1 x Cone Loader, 1 x Wooden Poker & 1 x Scraping Card.

Smelly Proof Bag is a unique odor proof bag that is made with a special medical grade material approved by the FDA and USDA that keeps odors trapped inside sturdy locking zippers. Every bag you use is highly durable–puncture resistant and moisture repellent

Rolling Ace Premium PVC Scoop Card makes things easier while rolling your "smokeables".

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