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Rewards, Points & Affiliates


Our Rewards and Affiliates Programs

Rewards Program

Save even more with our new rewards program

At CAMMP, we're all about giving you the best buying experience. That is the ethos we have taken into our new rewards system.

Here's how it works.

For every $1 Dollar you spend you'll earn 50 rewards points.

When you want to redeem points, every 1000 points you have will be worth $1.

This rewards your loyalty with roughly 5% off future purchases.  

*Please note: To redeem points you need to spend a minimum $50 at checkout during your future purchase.

*Please note: points not rewarded for purchases of bulk items.

Get points for reviews

We didn't just want to stop at giving you points for purchases.

We think you'll love our products so much that we want to reward you for reviewing our products.

We'll give you 250 points for every product review you place on our products.

It's just our way of saying "thanks for supporting us".

Affiliate Program

CAMMP Affiliates

Welcome to our new Affiliate Program. Please bear with us in the early stages while we work through the process of making this program valuable to our Affiliates.

How does it work?
If you haven’t signed up yet, you simply sign up at - We manually review all applicants so please give us a good reason to approve your application.

Once you’ve signed up you’ll be given your own unique link to the CAMMP website that you can share with others. If someone uses your link to access the site and makes a purchase then you receive 15% of that sale as store credit or cash. If someone spends $100.00 you receive $15.00 store credit or cash. Your store credit or cash will build up over time and you can use it against future purchases any time you like.

What to know

You can use your store credit in conjunction with any of our ongoing promotions and in conjunction with points you may have accrued.

We want you to feel more valued as a customer, and giving you an opportunity to share CAMMP products with people who don’t already know about it deserves to be rewarded.

Please note: Your earnings don’t include sales tax or shipping costs, it’s based only on the sale value.
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