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Vitakiwi (Set of 6) Double-Ended Stainless Steel Wax Carving Concentrate Tools Set with 3 Silicone Caps and Cleaning Brush


  • Package Includes: 4 Carving Tools + 1 Earpick + 1 Cleaning Brush + 1 Tin Box
  • Earpick is fantastic for your ear care, and the Brush is used for cleaning the dust everywhere, such as: bottle, keyboard, laptop, home appliances and etc
  • The Carving Tools are great for kitchen, hobbyists, technicians and crafts (for wax, carving clay, scraper, lab, scientific work, soldering, sculpture and cleaning)
  • Tin Box can be used for other storages, such as: school stationery, pencil, pen, modeling tool, crafting tools and etc
  • Easy to clean with rubbing alcohol and last a lifetime with proper care

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These Carving Tools are the best choice for all your Home & Wax Concentrate Needs

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