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Sunset Octane AAA+



Earn up to 9,000 Points.


Sunset Octane strain has quite high THC Levels of up to 26%; no wonder its hallucinatory and recreational effects are that strong. It has stimulating and long-lasting high that provokes cerebral, euphoric and uplifting effects. These effects will make you productive and focused.

Sunset Octane strain has earthy and spicy flavours and unique diesel-like gas notes blended with berry-like, creamy tone. It has dark green buds with dense trichomes and orange hairs.

This tree glitters in the light and shows off massive trichome formations at any angle. The inside breaks down into amazing aromas of sweet, creamy and fruity like the milk in the bottom of a bowl of Fruit Loops. The flavor is invigorating with strong gassy tones on the exhale. Sunset Octane is characterized by a balanced uplifting high and the strain is perfect for melting away the pains and stress of a hard day.

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