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Rolling Ace Shisha Hookah Bundle - 18 Items. Double Apple and Strawberry Hydro Herbal Shisha Molasses (100gr each - No Tobbacco, No Nicotine), Premium Rolling Ace Scoop Card, Raw Hydro Stone, 44 Zen Hard Bristles, 44 Zen Soft Bristles, 10 Rolling Ace 3/4 inch Brass Pipe Screens


  • Hydro Herbal Shisha Molasses - 2 Packs of Double Apple, 2 Packs of Strawberry (50gr/pack - No Tobbacco, No Nicotine)
  • Premium Rolling Ace Scoop Card
  • Raw Hydro Stone - Keep your Molasses Fresh and Moist
  • 44 Zen Hard Bristles and 44 Zen Soft Bristles - Easy Cleaning for Your Hookah
  • 10 Rolling Ace 3/4 inch Brass Pipe Screens
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Rolling Ace - Shisha Molasses Bundle 6

  • 2 x Les Deux (Double Apple) Shisha Molasses - 50gr (each)
  • 2 x Red Lightning (Strawberry) Shisha Molasses - 50gr
  • 1 x Rolling Ace Premium PVC Scoop Card
  • 1 x Raw Hydrostone - Keep your Molasses fresh and Moist
  • 1 x Pack of Zen Hard Bristles (44/pack)
  • 1 x Pack of Zen Soft Bristles (44/pack)
  • 10 x Rolling Ace 3/4" Brass Pipe Screens

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