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OCB X-PERT 1-1/4


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Original OCB X-Pert 1 1/4 papers, 50 per pack.

These are the highest quality, slimmest papers you can buy.

Made in France - genuine OCB Quality.

Firstly, the paper is reliable; the joint burns evenly and slowly after when you light up the joint because of the way it is watermarked. So, you get a quality smoke time after time. Plus, the paper is thin, which makes it easier to roll and enables air to pass through it well.

“O”, from Odett , a place near the banks of the river Ergué - Gabéric (Finistère) where the first paper was created in 1822 , it was created near the river by the amount of water needed when they had to make paper.

"C" form Cascadec, place where they rented a factory in 1893 to implement another of its paper producers. After 24 years in 1917, they bought the factory.

"B” from Bolloré, is the surname of the founders and leaders of this brand, for six generations they marked the history of papermaking, especially cigarette paper and the OCB.


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