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Hemplights Wrapper Hemp Wick Dispensing Lighter Case



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Hemplights Wrapper Hemp Wick Dispensing Lighter Case (fits Standard Bic)

A full size dispenser that is designed to work with a regular size conventional lighter. It features an easy use, compact size and safety brought to you by Hemplight.

The Original Hemp Lighters ™

Hemplights offers the original and only hemp wick lighters on the
market. We only use natural hemp wick, dipped in beeswax, providing an organic, suitable
alternative to butane lighters, matches, and other unhealthy lighting methods. Hemplights
is the most natural way in the world to light anything you can think of. These simple and
convenient tools will make it easy to enjoy your cigars, pipes, candles and herbs with
100% organic hemp wick, free of harmful butane fumes and gas. Our products burn
cleaner, brighter, and longer than anything else on the planet.

100% organic hemp wick included
Experience a cleaner burn, Enjoy better taste
Free of harmful butane fumes and gases
Extend your lighter life by 200%
Extend your hemp life by 150%
Spooly made for mini BIC lighter
Wrapper made for standard BIC lighter
Designed and Made in the USA
Hemp is the most widely used fiber in the world. From ancient times, it is also the most
eco-friendly fiber of the future. For over 10,000 years, hemp has been used for textiles,
paper, building materials, fuel, food and personal care products. Today, hemp is grown
all over the world. The crop is used to make over 25,000 consumer products. We invite you
to join the hemp revolution with Hemplights!

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Black, Grey, Lime


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