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Fruity Pebbles


The Fruity Pebbles strain traces its origins back to the age of Granddaddy Purple, Tahoe Alien, and Green Ribbon. And thanks to the excellent genetics it gets from this grand parentage, Fruity Pebbles can help you with battling stress and insomnia with its powerful relaxing effects.  So set aside the milk and fire up a Fruity Pebbles fatty for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! When Fruity Pebbles was first introduced in 2006, it was a limited edition strain, but immediately turned into a genuine “must-have” for any flavor specialist. This is still visible, and it feels good to say that it not only helps medical marijuana patients but provides a significant high to the recreational users the same so that they can begin the day the right way with this classic breakfast.

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This dynamic strain is drenched with bright, blinding colors: upfront, varying hues of green ranging from light sage to deep forestry shades envelope the buds.

But as you get a closer look, hints of pink, purple, and blue companion through to the exterior allow a beautiful spectrum of lively color to give the buds bag appeal that closely matches its namesake. 

Fruity Pebbles Cannabis Strain Review

Aside from the rainbow-colored leaves, the bud boasts complex networks of sensitive orange tendrils that twist and spin throughout the oversized nugs.

The additional fly of color adds another dimension of esthetic appeal to the strain, on top of the gorgeous sugary frosting that covers its exterior.

The flavor of Fruity Pebbles is somewhat less fruity than the smell but has been defined as a balance of sweet, berry, and tropical.

The smoke is also described as very smooth with little to no aftertaste, especially out of joints. This lack of aftertaste combined with the smoke's fruity smoothness makes this strain a popular recreational choice. 

Beyond its unique fragrance, this strain is legit when it comes to being incredibly pungent.

The usual effects of the Fruity Pebbles strain tend more towards the well-being of the spectrum and are identified by a powerful, happy, and relaxed feeling.

This euphoria is often depicted as a "hybrid-type high" that results in a soft but substantial all-over buzz that ripples throughout the body. This Indica-dominant strains can go so far as to compose powerful body highs that can result in a couch-lock.

Fruity Pebbles also influences the mind in ways that have been described as "soothing" and even "spacey."

The spacey feel comes from the propensity of Fruity Pebbles to make users slow and dreamy while at the same time active in both body and mind.

Indica-dominant Fruity Pebbles strain may offer overwhelming body highs generate a sensation that glues even the most experienced user to his chair.

The effects wash over you after just a couple of hits and take you to a point where everything is quiet and shady but where you are still energetic, well disposed, and practical if you need to be. The highs produced by this strain tend to last from 2 to 2.5 hours. 

This hybrid comes with a creative sparkle that can boost cognitive capacity, making you more productive in a shorter measure of time. 

Daytime smokers can't go wrong with Fruity Pebbles as it is their "wake-and-bake" choice. The steady and discerning euphoria of Fruity Pebbles is strong enough to lift your mood.

Still, it is soothing enough to keep your psychological focus destined for success with no distractions. 

What makes the Fruity Pebbles strain especially enjoyable is its virtual absence of bitterness. The light, vaporous smoke glides effortlessly down the throat and leaves a cooling effect in its wake that further strengthens the whole experience.

Fruity Pebbles blends a pleasurable smoking experience with a long list of medical efficiencies. This makes this strain undoubtedly one of the most mainstream strains in the market.

Its energetic nature offers a boost of energy to patients who suffer from lethargy and chronic fatigue. 

This hybrid is broadly utilized and prescribed to patients who need assistance getting up in the morning because of chronic stress and additional symptoms.

Fruity Pebbles can immediately change your mood, lifting you higher and allowing symptoms for depression or anxiety to blur quickly. 

Fruity Pebbles is also a superb choice for those seeking an alternative way to treat chronic and debilitating pain.

Muscle spasms, joint aches, and backaches are also easily soothed with this strain, and if you suffer from a loss of an appetite, this hybrid can definitely help you with finding help in your situation. 


As referenced, Fruity Pebbles is a hybrid strain made from the genetic blend of Granddaddy Purple, Tahoe Alien, and Green Ribbon that first flew on the picture in 2006.

Newer strains of the hybrid cross various plants to achieve various effects, so the natural genetics of the Fruity Pebbles assortment might be obscured by the ravages of time.

To add to the convoluted ancestry of the strain, growers don't consistently use plants from a set lineage.

Because buds bearing this name may contain several pieces from an extensive exhibit of species, it's always important to verify where the strain originated from and how it was produced. 

Cannabis collective and California-based strain producer Alien Genetics report that the original Fruity Pebbles that rooted from Green Ribbon, Granddaddy Purple, and Tahoe Alien was initially a limited-time product, but the strain turned out to be so famous that it was soon planted and cultivated by other growers.

The formation of Fruity Pebbles, though close to even, typically turns towards the Indica side of the scale and ends in a 55%/45% Indica/Sativa blend.

The plant of this strain itself is predominantly light green but can hold various other colors that help give it that Fruity Pebbles look. The plant is also known for holding a generous measure of crystals as well as being flourishing with a multitude of orange hairs. 

The mind-boggling chemical composition of the plant results in an amazingly fruity smell that is reminiscent of the well-known breakfast food. 

Users have also reported the smell like a berry with just a hint of kush.

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