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Cigarette Holder Extendable Clip, for Joints & Blunts



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Cigarette Holder Extendable Clip, Functional for Rolled Tobacco, Blunts, Weed and Cigars. Made of High Quality Stainless Steel. Smoke Holder with an Elegant, Clear Personal Case

Fits Anywhere

The SmokEase fit right into your tobacco pouch With a personal case you can keep your SmokEase also in your pocket

Having trouble smoking with gloves during the freezing winter?

An end to smelly gloves or even worse, you do not need to smoke with frozen fingers.

You can now smoke happily ever after keeping your hands cozy and warm while preventing slipping smoke from your covered fingers

The Ultimate Combination

There is a semi-circular groove that will hold any smoke including cigarettes, joints, rolled tobacco or cannabis, your blunts or even cigars up to a diameter of 0.5 inches

Easy Pass - Pass a toke to your friends easily without getting out of your comfort zone

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