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Chocolate Rosin Bar - 480mg THC



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Full-spectrum Chocolate Rosin Bar 480mg, 20mg x 24 pieces.  Made with premium Royalty Rosin extract.  This is an excellent deal!  CAMMP tested & approved, tastey chocolate, barely noticeable weed/rosin taste.

About Royalty Rosin - Our brand is Royalty, we grow AAAA organic flower and press it into premium live rosin and ice hash.

What is Rosin? - Rosin refers to an extraction process that utilizes a combination of heat and pressure to nearly instantaneously squeeze resinous sap from your initial starting material. The term “rosin” originated as a method of making a product used to create friction with violin bows. With cannabis, this method is incredibly versatile in that it can either be used with flowers or to clean up hash and kief into a full-melt hash oil. The result is a translucent, sappy, and sometimes shatter-like product. If executed correctly, rosin can rival the flavor, potency, and yield of other solvent-based extraction products.

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