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Cannabis Shake 1 Ziploc Freezer Bag Stuffed


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We will serve first come, first served on a backorder basis.
Our highest quality cannabis shake. This includes leaf trim, micro-buds, some stalk, some leaf.
Each bag is stuffed to it's highest capacity approximately a half pound OR 227 grams.
This is a STELLAR deal compared to other providers charging $4/gram of shake what a rip off!
Some of our customers smoke this shake straight up and find it quite satisfying.
Some make edibles, some make hash... regardless it is the cheapest way to find your cannabis relief.
PLEASE NOTE - We do NOT grind up our shake for consistency or to mask lots of leaf.  Each bag is different, some will be better than others, we try and distribute decent quality to each bag between machine trim, hand trim, sugar leaf, rack shake, floor shake, some leaf, some stick.  This is the same stuff we use for our own edibles and hash - and we want it to be MAXIMUM potency.  We have seen other suppliers provide a more consistent ground-up product of far lower quality which is mostly leaf; we will never do that!

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