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Cannabis Shake 1 OUNCE

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Our highest quality cannabis shake. This includes leaf trim, micro-buds, some stalk, some leaf.
This is a STELLAR deal compared to other providers charging $4/gram of shake what a rip off!
Some of our customers smoke this shake straight up and find it quite satisfying.
Some make edibles, some make hash... regardless it is the cheapest way to find your cannabis relief.
Please note, there is some variation from bag to bag.  We do not just grind up leaf to make it look uniform and call is shake like some providers.  This is a blend of microbud from trimming and floors leftovers, machine trim leftover, rack trim, sugar leaf, sugar stem, and some leaf will sneak in.  Some bags will be better than others.  No refunds.  Please note, we have raised our price by $5/bag this reflects an average increase in quality higher microbud ratio.

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3 reviews for Cannabis Shake 1 OUNCE

  1. Gail Costello

    Even great to roll and smoke

  2. Gail Costello (verified owner)

    Not too much stems and leaves. Great for a puff.

  3. Tracy Noseworthy (verified owner)

    not bad for what you get

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