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May 24, 2021

Poor Curing is the Most Important Problem with Legal Weed

Amongst the many problems and critiques the legal growers are facing, poor curing is probably the worst. Find out how important curing is and why you shouldn't buy weed from an LP who rushes this step.

Growing marijuana is not easy. There are many factors that can affect the quality of your final product, such as genetics, soil composition, and cultivation methods. However, one factor that legal weed producers in Canada seem to be neglecting is curing. Not only does it take time for cannabis to cure properly, but it also affects the potency of your weed!

Since legalization, the masses have complained that the quality of legal weed has declined. The main reason is that producers have rushed this vital step and soon realized it would take a lot more time to produce better weed.

If you've ever bought weed and it was a harsh smoke with a high that gives you brain fog, the reason could very well be that it didn't cure properly.

An example of a curing station. The screens help air out the buds.

What Is Curing and Why Does It Matter?

Curing is a way to store meats and other degradable items. Our ancestors used salt and sugar to keep things fresh. With cannabis, you just need patience and proper technique.

In essence, it is the step after harvesting when you dry and stores the weed so that it can cure. The drying process removes water from your buds which can cause mould to develop if not stored properly, leading to a rough/bitter taste.

The slower the curing process, the better quality of weed because more moisture will be removed during the process.

What Happens If Marijuana Isn't Cured Proprely?

THC slowly loses its strength. THC degrades into CBN with light and higher temperatures. CBN is a similar, but weaker and less clean drug. If you cure marijuana at low temperatures and in the dark, it will be more potent when you smoke it.

Curing weed also enhances the flavours by preserving delicate aroma molecules. These molecules degrade and evaporate quickly when pot is heated to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. A slow cure preserves these elements better than a quick drying process.

In other words, curing dramatically increases the quality, aroma and flavour of your harvest but takes patience to do properly.

Improperly cured bud

So Why Not Take The Time?

The best timeframe to cure marijuana would be about six months for most strains. Of course, it would be ready to smoke way before that (around one month.)

Simply put, they don't want to wait. That's the reason legal producers don't cure their stuff properly. With their 10-20M$ warehouses, and a herd of disposable employees in chairs, overhead costs became way more than needed.

This meant that a lot of investors would lose money if the product wasn't sold fast and at a high margin. Of course, the cannabis community did not take kindly to this way of doing business; sacrificing our smoking experience for profit.

The product was instantly exposed as having an absurd quality/price ratio. Either it was three years old and bone-dry sitting in on a dusty shelf of a warehouse before it was sold, or it was cured for two weeks and shipped out.

The logistics make it too hard for them to cure properly at scale because curing is about patience.

The Grey Market To The Rescue!

Some things are better with time, like wine. Another good example of this is how a long marinating process makes meat taste better.

Likewise with marijuana - the longer it takes to cure weed, the more potent and flavorful it becomes. Of course, there are those who want their product quickly- which may be why government growers cut corners on quality by rushing through the curing process for profit margin reasons.

That's where the grey market comes in! The grey market growers can take their time with curing, so it retains that gourmet taste we're all used to.

If that sounds like your cup of tea, come down to CAMMP! We've got all kinds of flowers cured properly so that our customers get only the best quality possible at an affordable price!

Mason jars help preserve the freshness of weed, even after curing!
Article written by Stoney the Ghost
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