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May 9, 2021

Is indoor better than outdoor weed?

Is marijuana grown indoors really better than marijuana grown outdoors? Find out why!

Let’s not waste any time. The short answer? Yes, marijuana grown indoors is usually of better quality than outdoor weed. But before we go any further, it’s essential to talk about the artist behind the process. 

An experienced grower with tricks up his sleeve could easily grow better outdoor weed than a novice indoor grower. It comes down to the seeds and grower more so than where the cannabis plant was grown.

That being said, there are some key differences between indoor weed and outdoor weed. Note that these differences are subtle, and the average smoker might not notice them right away.  


Purple Gorilla

The first clue to differentiate indoor from outdoor marijuana is the visual aspect of buds. Indoor weed will generally be a little bit smaller and denser (less fluffy.) Indoor nugs will also have more vivid greens and purples than outdoor weed. The latter will most likely have a brownish appearance due to sunlight. 

BC Kush Outdoor

Smell and Taste

Because indoor nugs are grown in a perfectly controlled environment in terms of temperature, humidity and CO2 levels, they come out with a higher percentage of trichomes per surface.

As stated above, outdoor nugs are generally bigger, so the trichomes are spread out over a larger surface area and spread to more plant matter like leaves, which outdoor buds have a lot of. Smoking leaves and more plant matter has been known to cause headaches in certain individuals. 


When growing marijuana indoors, the grower has complete control over the grow room’s conditions. While cannabis as a plant is relatively tough and can thrive in multiple climates, some more delicate strains require specific conditions to grow properly. 

Of course, these strains could grow with little problem in the wild, but the final product won’t necessarily be the best it can be. Again, these are subtle differences that might not bother everybody.


Growing marijuana in a greenhouse is a hybrid between outdoors and indoors. The popularity of this method has been skyrocketing in recent years and with good reason. Greenhouses provide more control over growing conditions than outdoor growing, but still less than indoor. 

However, they also have advantages that indoor growing doesn’t have, such as natural light from the sun, resulting in a lower carbon footprint. In today’s environmental crisis and with the marijuana industry getting bigger every day, this option is a step in the right direction. 

Personal Preference

At the end of the day, the cannabis plant is only looking to grow, and we’re just looking to smoke it. Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, marijuana preferences are totally subjective. One might find themselves liking a particular strain or a specific grower’s work, regardless of what setup was used during growing. 

The only thing to note here is that weed grown outdoor costs a lot less for the grower than marijuana grown indoors. The selling price should theoretically reflect the cost difference. If someone is selling you outdoor weed at the same price as indoor weed, they may be pocketing a greedy profit. 

Just something to watch out for. You can read more about it in our article: Selling outdoor weed and indoor prices: Immoral practice or acceptable business plan?


Generally speaking, there are few fundamental differences between indoor and outdoor-grown cannabis. While they are tiny, these differences are noticeable to marijuana connoisseurs and can absolutely affect their smoking experience. However, experienced growers can work magic with outdoor weed and produce good quality flowers. 

The minuteness of these differences is the main reason why it is important to find yourself a reliable and honest supplier who will not only inform you when a batch of weed was grown outdoors but charge you accordingly.

Feel free to visit our flower section and try to see if you can guess or observe the differences between outdoor and indoor cannabis.

Article written by Stoney the Ghost
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