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August 1, 2021

How to Store Cannabis for Extended Periods?

Find out the ins and outs of storing your cannabis for months or years!

Here at CAMMP, we're proud of our bulk deals.

Our prices are lower than most cash-grabbing dispensaries in this industry, yet our quality standards have remained sky-high. When you get a batch of potent, fresh weed, you can only hope it smells and tastes that good forever.

Unfortunately, marijuana is a plant that dries up fairly quickly. When buying in bulk, you should take the necessary steps to ensure your weed stays fresh until you've finished that bag.

Why do I need to store my cannabis?

Once the cannabis plant is harvested, there is no more water absorbed by the roots and brought to the flowers. After being cut, growers hang their plants to dry. The moisture inside the buds then begins to evaporate slowly, and the plants start to cure. Some strains require longer curing periods than others. Un-cured bud will lack in flavor, aroma, potency, as well as resin production. Too much drying can leave you with a harsh-tasting bud that becomes powdery and crumbles apart easily.

We aim to provide you with something right in the middle. As soon as you open your Canada Post package, however, the degradation process will resume, and your flowers will slowly dry out and lose potency.

Unless you do something about it!

How to keep cannabis fresh?

There are a couple of things you can do to ensure your cannabis remains fresh for a long time! The first thing you need to worry about is storage. We recommend storing your cannabis in an airtight container or using a vacuum seal. The airtight container will not allow any moisture to escape, which is what gradually degrades your bud over time. The only downside to this method is that if your bud is not dried correctly, then mold can form inside the container.

The vacuum seal is a great choice because it removes any and all air from inside the bag. This way, your bud can stay fresh even if you keep it in there for years to come. If you keep cannabis on hand for long periods or buy large amounts at once, the vacuum seal will ensure you don't lose a bit of potency. Also, if the bud was dried properly with no moisture inside, mold formation may not be an issue.

You should keep your marijuana in the dark, cool place. The best spot is a cool, dry basement with no windows or sunlight. A temperature of about 5-10°C (41-50°F) and relative humidity of about 40% should be ideal for storage, preferably as close to the middle as possible.

How to add moisture to dried-out cannabis?

If you're too late and your marijuana is already dry, don't panic.

If your marijuana is a little on the dry side, you've probably heard of the quick fix: adding moisture to it by putting it in a sealed bag with freshly cut up or frozen fruits or vegetables, such as oranges. The cannabis will absorb some of the moisture from the vegetables and feel fresh again. This trick works well for only small amounts (quarter ounces) if stored properly afterward. The problem with re-humidifying a large amount of cannabis is that it may lead to mold formation and ruin all your stash!

Using something like a Bodeva (a humidor) is a much safer solution. Cannabis will absorb the moisture from Bodeva, but it won't become soggy or moldy. It also has another advantage over fruity solutions: it's less likely to attract insects/animals once opened.

The downside is that it might take longer (one month) for the cannabis to reach its maximum THC potential.


You need to worry about two main things when storing your cannabis: airtight storage and an environment with a low amount of moisture. Don't overthink it - just find a spot in your house that's cool and dark, store your weed inside an airtight container or vacuum seal bag, and you'll be good!

Article written by Stoney the Ghost
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