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March 24, 2021

Enter the Volcano

With the availability and abundance of concentrates nowadays (distillate, shatter, resin, THC Diamonds, etc.), we’re seeing incredible innovation from the vaping world.

Why vaping is joining smoking as Canada’s favourite way of getting high

Dry Herb Vapourizer

Times are changing.

A couple of years ago, vaping was the joke of the smoking world. The stereotype claimed it was for hipsters and teenagers. Then, science came swooping in, with many claims that vaping was actually less harmful to your lungs than smoking. This was especially true of cigarettes, but smoking cannabis plant matter isn’t exactly the same as breathing pure air neither.

Vape on!

While more and more nicotine fiends made the switch to vaping, cannabis enthusiasts saw a plethora of new vaping products hit the market. With the availability and abundance of concentrates nowadays (distillate, shatter, resin, THC Diamonds, etc.), we’re seeing incredible innovation from the vaping world.

Let’s take a closer look at vaping marijuana.

How do weed vaporizers work?

Vaping marijuana consists of placing your weed product inside a chamber or pod and use thermal-conducting coils to heat your cannabis. Vaping devices are engineered to heat your marijuana just below the point of combustion, emitting a smooth, tasty vapour.

When using a lighter, you might burn off a few terpenes and cannabinoids. When vaping, those compounds will activate, giving you more flavour and effect. For this reason, some people feel vaping marijuana hits them even harder and faster than a joint!

You’re also wasting less weed since it’s not constantly burning off into the air when you’re not puffing.

Finally, you’re not inhaling plant matter, which provides a more clear-headed high and less fogginess. This is a tremendous advantage over smoking, and even those who still prefer joints will admit that you are more clear-headed and energized when vaping, even Indica strains.

Types of marijuana vaporizers

In the marijuana world, three types of vapes are most commonly used. CAMMP proudly offers all three types, so you can be sure to find what you’re looking for.

1 - Desktop vaporizers

The ultimate vaping experience. Desktop vaporizers have only one disadvantage, and that’s their size. If you’re looking for something to take with you outside of your house, other options will better suit your weed needs.

However, in every other aspect, desktop vaporizers are the way to go. As mentioned earlier, they do need to be on a flat surface like a coffee table and, most of the time plugged into the wall.

Every concentrate, flower and even strain have slightly different combustion points. With desktop vaporizers like the Volcano Hybrid, you can control the temperature down to the degree to make sure you don’t lose any of those precious terps.

The Volcano is a unique kind of vaporizer because you turn it on, wait a few minutes, and collect all the vapour in a big bag. You can then take “sips” out of the bag whenever you please, making for a smoke session that can last for hours! That’s perfect for watching your favourite TV show after a long day at work! Once the bag’s empty, simply place it over the Volcano again, and it will refill!

Here’s a demonstration video from Wikileaf on Youtube:

Pass the bag around with your friends and enter the Volcano! Click on one of the tow

Visit our vaporizers section to find the Volcanoes.

2- Portable vaporizers

We could compare portable vaporizers to what your mobile phone is to your computer. It can basically do the same thing, but you can take it with you everywhere you go. However, some features are not always available on mobile. The biggest missing functionality of most portable vaporizers is that they are usually made for one type of marijuana.

There are herb vaporizers and wax pens, both for flowers and concentrates, respectively. Some vaporizers, called hybrids, claim to do both but they are often overpriced and easier to break. Our portable vaporizers at CAMMP are suitable for all kinds of oils and distillate on the market.

These vaporizers also have the ability to control temperature, but at a less precise level than the desktop vaporizers.

3- Vape pens

If you don’t care for filling up your juice tanks and taking care of your device (cleaning, changing coils, etc.), you may be happier with the ready-to-vape option. Vape pens come with pods that have already been filled with your favourite marijuana distillate.

All you have to do once you receive your package is place the pod inside the vape and inhale! That's it!

This is the simplest option and one preferred by most. Please note that it is crucial to order cartridges (pods) from a reputable and respected vendor like CAMMP. Underground vape pods containing harmful agents like Vitamin E Acetate have been linked to severe lung injuries. If you’re not going to fill up your distillate tank yourself, make sure to trust the person who does!

Vape pens are the most compact and portable vaporizer of the three, another reason why it’s a top choice for many.

To recap, vaping is becoming Canada’s favourite consumption method for quite a few reasons. The main takeaway here are these:

1- It is less harmful than smoking (In the short term. Long-term effects of vaping remain unknown due to how new the phenomenon is.)

2- Vaping provides more terpenes and cannabinoids due to lower temperatures, meaning you have more flavours.

3- Vaping increases bioavailability making for a quicker, stronger and more clear-headed high.

4- Precise temperature control depending on extract or flower(For the Volcano and other desktop vaporizers.)

5- Portability and discretion (For portable vaporizers and vape pens.)

So come on down to CAMMP, and let’s get steaming!

Article written by cammpadmin
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