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The Future Of Cannabis in Canada

The Future Of Cannabis in Canada

Hi folks — time for another CAMMP Cannabis diatribe!

It`s been interesting to watch the changes and not-changes that the Cannabis industry has been going through this last year.  Legalization has finally happened and, everything has changed, and nothing has changed.

The biggest issue facing Canadians post-legalization is a lack of supply.  Nobody has gone crazy, no emergency room overdoses, no rash of car accidents or underage incidents.   It makes you wonder what would happen if all drugs were legalized.  Exactly the same thing – a lack of supply would be my guess, a huge drop in overdose deaths, and other than that, not much. 

Recently in BC we have watched a rash of shootings and thousands of overdoses all related to the hard drug trade.  On and on it goes, people dying left and right, a public health emergency overlaid with gang violence.  Why does our society let this happen when the solution is so, so simple.  Legalize it!   I want to buy pure cocaine over the counter, once a year, goddamn it and party my face off knowing theres no phentanol in there.  Sigmund Freud style.

So, about our websight.  We are coming up on a year!  It`s been our pleasure to serve you and we look forward to expanding our product line and continuing to offer you the highest quality products at the lowest prices.

Interesting to observe our competition as well.  Have you noticed how each and every one of the latest websites claim to be the best?  But they all charge WAY more money than CAMMP!  They don`t give refunds, don’t have products in stock, and their weed sucks. 

Maybe they have a stupid points program to make it feel like you`re saving money when in fact you`re paying twice as much as CAMMP.  Ah, points programs.  Don`t you already have enough rewards cards and programs coming out your yingyang?  And how many of those rewards programs do you actually end up using the points from?  Do you think that new website is going to be around long enough for you to take advantage of your points?  Lots of them come and go and leave their customers hanging.

Anyways we want to thank our loyal customers and welcome our new customers as well. 

Last blog we talked about how legalization is amounting to corporatization and Prohibition 2.0.

We have observed how post-legalization the promise of forgiving criminal records has been forgotten, obviously not a priority for a busy Federal government.  Justin has to dance pretty fast to keep up with all the promises he`s made and the unhappy people across the country.  Alberta in particular whining loudly – doesn`t matter that we all bought their shitty pipeline, they`re still angry.  Keep baking that oil out of the ground or fracking the crap out of earth to suck those last drops of oil out, good work on the path to mass extinction.  Sounds kind of desperate.

More concerning for us are the millions of Canadian saddled with criminal sanctions for something now legal.  Which never should have happened in the first place.  And now, not a priority.  It`s sad.  C`mon Ralph Goodale with the empty promises and platitudes.  And Justin, your dead brother Sasha is turning over in his grave.  It`s just a simple piece of paper and you can ram it through parliament in a day, let`s get it done.

We want to dig into this a bit more.  For those of us who have been fighting for legalization all along, we have some perspective on the issue.   The Millenials and the trailing edge of Generation X and on really havent been around long enough to see how this has evolved, especially in Canada.  And so, some background.

To be continued…

Zeek Faraway
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