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Welcome to the new Improved CAMMP!

Welcome to the new Improved CAMMP!


Hail forth to the new CAMMP site, home to Canada`s most affordable medical Cannabis.

If you are new to this site, we now offer most of our varieties by the gram, quarter, half, and full ounce, for maximum flexibility.  We hope you try them all!

Coming soon, FLYTE concentrates!  We are excited to offer these stellar products, amazing distillate pen technology, we are very impressed. And the prices are super low, for the quality I don`t know how they do it.  Distallate pens, THC and exciting new CBD cartridges, distillates, shatter, wax, and Jetpack powders for all liquids – they have all bases covered.

We have been waiting for something like FLYTE to come along.  High quality, low price, wide variety.  I wish we could carry everything they have to offer.  Impressively they have an extensive line of topicals as well, massage oils, lip balms, etc., which we will carry as much of as possible!  We are true believers in all the benefits of the hemp plant too.  And we encourage our customers to recognize the benefits these natural products bring, getting rid of (if you still have them shame on you) your artificially-fragranced and synthetically-derived lotions is top on the don`t-get-cancer list.  Dump the mainstream mass marketed garbage and get some decent hemp products – support the industry all around.  Your body and the environment which shares your space, thanks you so much as do I we are all one.


Why does my keyboard suddenly change letter assignments in my web browser?  Like sometimes the question mark is the 6 instead of the question mark? I still havnt figured this one out somebody knows please tell me.

SO! Legalization approaches, lurches really, an untested beast hurtling towards us with mammoth force.  Even old names like Peter Pocklington and ex drug warrior police chiefs are lined up to service our cannabis needs and cash in.   https://nowtoronto.com/news/cops-politicians-cashing-in-on-cannabis/     https://globalnews.ca/news/4341945/peter-pocklington-oilers-owner-cannabis-businessman/      I think at the end of the day what we are concerned about fundamentally is PRICE.  Is that not correct?  It`s exciting that its going to be legal but for those of us who have been using it all along, that`s really only going to make it more convenient.  Its somewhat paradoxical that legalization means higher prices for medical as well as recreational users, and down the road, potentially less flexibility for medical users.

The lawsmiths have already proclaimed they wish to review the ACMPR access to medical cannabis rules within five years with an eye to dismantling the regime and removing individuals ability to produce their own medical marijuana.

In addition, a recurring theme in their deliberations has been keeping the price low at the get-go to get-rid of organized crime (who exactly is that?), and then raise it later to a more profitable one, better suited to the billion-dollar signs on the many shareholders (paid too much) minds.

What that means is that in fact and especially for medical users, it has been expressly stated that the goal of legalization is to take away people`s right to grow.

Which we should all be scared of.

Four plants is fuck all, as anybody who actually grows cannabis knows.  That`s not enough for any reasonable medical treatment.  For those of you not familiar with how many plants it takes to produce what, it can vary hugely, from grams to pounds.  But for most people four plants doesn`t amount to much.  Even four huge outdoor plants won`t supply a years worth of cannabis, or even close.

Consider also that `progressive`  provinces like BC are enacting legislation to prohibit growing your four plants anywhere that anybody might see it, which precludes just about everyone in some places, as well as requiring explicit permission from landlords, which amounts to zero plants.

Some people are calling it prohibition 2.0.

I can see why.  When companies are trading are 4 to 5 billion dollar market valuations, you have to expect enormous returns.  An ounce of weed here, an ounce of weed there, doesn`t add up to billions (believe us, we know).  What is required is total monopoly control..  yikes when you consider that in some provinces it will be administered solely by the province itself, wow, setting all the prices, who can do what and where when.  Remember back in the 80s when buying beer was a semi-clandestine operation, warm only, five different types and one import mayyyybbbeeee two if youre lucky and its gona be Heineken which is ok, from 8-4.30 at provincial liquor outlets only?  We will now have that for weed in some provinces, with high prices, and limited choices.  Don`t forget the (conspiracy) to raise prices later, and of guaranteed course, higher taxes.

Consider as well, there is not yet any consideration for edibles.  Or for the dealing with past criminal offenses.  Or ongoing proceedings (like Marc Emery).


Zeek Faraway
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